Get your hands dirty farming relationships


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Social venues, including; Facebook, Blogs, Twitter, Vine, Pinterest and Vimeo dramatically lower the effort needed to acquire a fan, a follower or to make a sale and increases the lifetime value of those connections – Connections which will play a significant role in assisting you to achieve your lifetime objectives as your followers become advocates of your personal brand.

Every effort has its price… Time spent on one thing is time taken from another and when time to you is so precious the followers you acquire should stay with you for a lifetime and continuously scale in both numbers and quality. That’s how social media supports your ability to influence others. You invest indirectly in building tools like blogs that become assets that will grow in value as more content is added and relationships are made. The greater the number of followers, the more likely your messages may go viral because social following is a two-way conversation if you see it as a long-term commitment. The possibilities are endless once you appreciate what INFLUENCE can accomplish.



If you were the boss, would you hire you?


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Fresh out of school, chances are not. Despite your high class standing and advanced degree, you don’t have any on the job experience and it is more than likely hiring companies will not offer on the job training. The reasons are simple; too busy, too expensive and too many candidates with experience looking for the same job. There may be a few opportunities for those with STEM degrees in science, engineering, mathematics, engineering and nursing or accounting, but that still leaves you looking for a career opportunity.

So it’s on you to apprentice, intern, start your own business or bring a valuable personal asset that warrants the boss to invest in you without work experience. That credential just might be a large and active social network that can be engaged to accomplish what strategic PR firms, advertising agencies, marketing consultants and sales forces could not.

We are not talking about two dozen Facebook friends and family. We are talking about a half-million followers on VINE, three thousand relationships on LinkedIn, ten thousand bloggers… relationships that you can and need to build to add extraordinary value.

The power of professional relationships can be realized through the genuine reciprocal behaviors of integrated social platforms. Contact Rick Singer at the KEY to learn how to own a personal brand with influence.

Six-second video loops can get you millions of followers and earn posters thousands of dollars.


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Vine, the Twitter-owned video platform launched in January 2013 has made the smartphone’s video capability a tool anyone can use for fame and fortune. Vine’s popular page showcases videos that have gotten the most likes per minute. The more likes a video gets, the higher the video goes on the page and the more users see it. You can privately send Vine videos and text messages to your friends. You can even send videos to anyone in your address book, even if they aren’t on Vine.

To create your own Vine message, select the new “Messages” option in the navigation menu, record a video and send it to your friends. You can send a VM to multiple people. Each conversation is one-to-one; if you want to send a video to eight friends, you will start eight separate conversations. Your messages inbox has two sections: Friends (people you know) and Other (people outside your network). If you want to receive messages only from the people you follow or know, you can turn off your Other inbox in Settings. Viner’s have found that comedy attracts followers and keeps them following and retweeting. Brands who want to grow their followings or promote their products are throwing money at Viners.

To learn more about Vine, visit the Vine help center and attend the KEY SOCIAL INFLUENCER workshop and learn how to make a million friends.



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RECIPROCITY: Doing something for someone because they did something for you first? Experts suggest that such behavior has some obvious benefits – it is one of those things that aids in the survival of the species. By reciprocating, we ensure that other people receive help when they need it and that we receive assistance when we need it.

The act of giving creates an obligation and a social ethic. Don’t wait for other people to do you a favor or give you a gift. By being the first one to give something, do a favor, or make a concession, you will find that others will probably feel compelled to return in kind. Understand that it does not need to be a physical item of value… sharing  story will get you a story in return and so we have engagement, communication, understanding, commitment just for the giving. Make your first impression a memorable one and influence others.

Everyone is an entrepreneur of the ME company.


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For your personal enterprise to thrive you will need to adopt some new ways of thinking, divorce yourself from old ones’ and start looking a bit farther into the future than tomorrow.
To better prepare yourself for what is to come, you should; 

Anticipate what will be the game-changers. Look beyond your current interests and connect with those involved as a thought leader.

Think critically and question everything by reframing problems to get to the true circumstances. Challenge current beliefs and mindsets, including your own biases
as genuine insights are valuable assets.

Question recurring patterns against prevailing assumptions and test multiple hypotheses simultaneously – analytics affirm the real intentions and actual actions of others –Actions are their own truth.

Get it done enough to test then refine and reflect on your previous assumptions…The response to what you put out…reciprocation… is critical to what you want to achieve.

Align with others by acknowledging what drives their interests to build trust among peers, as your peers need to be the network you can trust.

Learn to out-learn all others from both their successes and failures. Experience is not just a teacher, it is the jury, investors, buyers, sellers and the biography of the ME company.

You can influence others.



I am


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young woman looking into a mirror

Yes YOU are. Your eyes are open, air rushes through your nostrils and thoughts move swiftly through your conscious mind while your mouth parts to wet your lips before you speak… but WHO are you…why are YOU here…what are YOU going to do…why are YOU going to do that…and how will those words affect others?

When you have the answers, you will have the start of a personal brand. The value of which you will not fully appreciate until your BRAND is the only thing that separates you from everyone else…which will be what you want to have happen…getting into college, a job or  anything else you will be competing for in life.

In the store we find the brands we know on labels, but when we look for personal brands we are more likely to find them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in addition to Vimeo, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest. If the college you were planning to attend went looking for your brand, what might they find?

If what’s there doesn’t present you as the Brand you intend to be, take a look at the KEY Summer Workshop  for #Social Influence: July 27-28 at UCLA.

Times are changing


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Labels like; freshman, sophomore and senior will disappear in the not too distant future because student status will not be linked to entire classes moving from one grade to another by calendar year, but rather when the individual student’s mastery of a subject has been achieved. Students of all ages will be grouped together based on what they know and how quickly they can assimilate new information.
Testing, or more accurately certification, will be authored by employers who will define the knowledge base and skill sets they are looking for in new hires and how they determine that the student knows how to use what they have been taught in the current marketplace.

This isn’t about being dumb or smart, it’s about understanding early on what it takes to meet the standards of the marketplace whether that be accounting, motor cycle repair or neurosurgery. While a good memory is a great asset, critical thinking and an extensive
network of active peer relationships is of far greater value.
The Key Summer Workshop for Social Influence, July 27,28 at UCLA will show you just how to go about building your own peer network assets.

1000 words of what we are all about in a single picture


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We share an on again – off again love-hate relationship with our self-image. While social Media offers a myriad of opportunities to identify ourselves through graphics, photos, captions, sound-bytes and videos, we never seem certain about how others will see us personally and professionally.

To simplify this identity crisis there should be a clear separation between our public and professional points of social contact. Yes, it is a bit more work to manage two Facebook pages, but you don’t really want the college admissions committee or the HR department of you first job checking out your vacation selfies. Plus, you really want to register with LinkedIn to market your professional profile.

On the personal side, you should also decide what you want to share with who and what you want others to see of you on your personal pages and on theirs. Professionally, a clean, business-like portrait is a given. Images of accomplishments that support your mission are important supplemental credentials.  What you allow others to post to your site is quite important as erasing images is nearly impossible. Finally, caption your images, tag them and curate them so they can be searched and found.

Assume that what is amusing to some will be an embarrassment to others and you will know what to do. Attend the KEY Social Influencer Summer Workshop July 27,28 at UCLA.

Learn to give of yourself, to get their attention


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sleeping_1733415i When we speak, we have only seconds to grab our listener’s attention, establish credibility and orient them to our reason for speaking. This is just as true face to face, in the media, on the phone or online. If we use those precious first seconds to tell a joke, present an agenda or offer an apology our audience’s minds will have moved on. What is needed is a well-crafted attention-getting opening “grabber.” One well proven option is to start with a brief 60 second narrative – a story – one that connects feelings with facts and both with the audience for them to share personal investments and passions. If not a story, ask a question. Provoke a thought, but not your audience. State an extraordinary statistic or share a relevant quote to make a genuine connection.  Once the connection is present the conversation will gain its own momentum. Effective personal branding uses the tools and mediums of social media to connect with others. The opportunity to learn best practices can be had by attending the KEY summer workshop for Social Influencers at UCLA, July 27,28.

There is infinite power in the perception of a brand


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Pretty young woman with sketched strong and muscled arms

Brands once were things we bought and used, now each of us are seen as brands as well. I proffer some thoughts by way of an explanation for this ever broadening extension of marketing to our persons’.

Recent scientific research is evidence that our attention spans have been reduced to a fleeting 9 seconds, a most profound contraction. Owing to the constraints of our precious time, technology has provided the means and methods to accommodate our eternal need to know now.

With organic browser search, keywords, hash tags, images, re-tweets and “likes” we can filter innumerable volumes of data files and so avoid the time spent on unproductive interpersonal contacts.

The unintended, but logical consequence of the absence of time and the digital digestion of data is our manipulation of the very algorithms crafted to identify the authentic kernels within our posted personal brand profiles we hoped people would learn about us. To succeed the filters we choose descriptive, but “popular” Google Keywords. We sequence them to be found in precise succession and to improve our search rank we hyperlink them with recognized brands to increase our relevance. But working the system only creates new mechanisms.

Posting a personal brand profile no longer cuts the mustard. We need to engage with others that endorse us, share our professional interests and enter conversations to comment on our frequently posted views. Brands without followers are statements of fact, but not an affirmation of genuine authenticity warranted by a community of our peers. What was initially thought to be a shortcut is now a considerable commitment of time and thought.

A personal brand is beyond what we say we are, it is who they say we are and more importantly what we have accomplished.
Attend the summer workshop for social influencers sponsored by the KEY Worldwide July 28-29.